Just Breath. Be Patient. Choose To Be Happy.

This Tiny Flick Production features the lovely and pregnant Brooke Fitchen. Brooke teaches vinyasa flow and prenatal yoga at the incomparable Yoyoyogi studio in sustainable Portland, OR. Yoyoyogi was voted Portland’s best yoga studio (2012) by Portland Monthly Magazine. Brooke’s inspired flow motivates students to wake up and experience life through movement based awareness. Her classes encourage the transformative practice of intention setting in life and yoga.

“Yoga found me through the rhythm of breath. The ability to breath and move in my body and in my spirit changed my life. It gave me such deep gratitude… The teachings that have resonated with me the most are the simplest ones. Just breathe, be patient, choose to be happy. If you can breath and your heart is beating take joy… Yoga is a way to bring people together.”

~ Brooke Fitchen