This tiny flick features the lovely Yogi Nicole Hamic. In this yogi profile Nicole explains how she found healing, compassion and community on her personal yogic journey. Her funfilled Hatha Flow focuses on safety, structure and alignment. The self described ‘anatomy nerd’ encourages her students to honor, open and strengthen the body to inspire personal growth and transformation. Nicole teaches at the beautiful, welcoming and warm Yoyoyogi Studio in NW Portland, OR.

“My yoga community is a really beautiful thing, but it’s not an exclusive thing. Being able to come into a room and practice with this group of people that’s all there to support you is a such an amazing and  beautiful thing. That’s why we practice in a room together—to build those relationships and to understand that that person’s struggles are your struggles, that person’s successes are also your successes, and to me, that’s what being part of a yoga community is about.

~ Nicole Hamic