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Ashtanga brings out the intensity and dedication in us.

The series takes practitioners deeper into the evolution of asana. Yet, the Ashtanga practice remains illusive to me. Ashtanga has always been on the periphery of my wild, spontaneous Vinyasa practice.  I tend to approach my beloved, movement-obsessed asana practice like a light-hearted, joyful child rather than a serious disciplined Ashtanga yogi. Many of my teachers, like superstar yogini Tiffany Cruikshank, were trained in Ashtanga, but teach Vinyasa Flow.

When will Ashtanga come to me? Perhaps a trip to Mysore is in my future, although Kino’s Youtube Channel is just a quick cruise around the internet.

Ashtanga yogis like Kino and Craig Proctor inspire me to see beyond what is ordinarily considered possible. They are limitless, break boundaries and move deeper into their infinite potential.

I share with you Craig Proctors extreme Ashtanga Yoga in this Tiny Yoga Flick, made with love in Ko Samui Thailand. Let Craig inspire you. This flick is an example of how we can go beyond what is ordinarily thought as possible.

Ashtanga shows me that we are so much stronger than we think we are.